Bottesford Parish Council

Serving the people of Bottesford, Muston, Easthorpe and Normanton

Clerk & RFO: Amanda Carter-Blackford
The Old School, Grantham Road
Bottesford, Nottingham
NG13 0DF

Tel: 01949 222478

Flooding information and advice

Bottesford Skatepark

Such a great facility, but we need some new people to help organise it.

If you, or your parents, would be interested in helping out with such things as... -fundraising and maintenance -keeping it clean and tidy -events and festivals

Then please give us a call now: Parish Councillor: Bob Bayman 07799 131981 Parish Clerk : 01949 222478 Skatepark Committee : Jo Payne

Library Devolution to Communities - 2014

As part of the £110 budget reduction exercise being undertaken by Leicestershire County Council there is a proposal in place to devolve many of the libraries in the county to local communities. There will be 16 libraries retained by LCC but these will be in the main towns.

LCC is putting on consultation days for each library under threat and the one for Bottesford has been organised for 26 June 2014 and due to provide results by September 2014. We feel that with the school holidays this will not give the community enough time to assimilate and act on all the information forthcoming from the June meeting. Therefore it is the intention to make this a key item on the Parish Meeting agenda on 19 May 2014 at the Old School.

It is expected that the fate of the library is already sealed by LCC and that the community will need to discuss how to cope with taking control of running a community library OR RISK SEEING THE LIBRARY CLOSE !

Speeding Through our Villages

Many residents are concerned about the level of speeding though our villages. Over the last two years, we have conducted Speedwatch surveys which have confirmed that we have a problem.

The Speedwatch programme does reduce speed, although it tends to have just a temporary impact. As soon as the volunteers leave, then the speeds increase again.

As such, the Parish Council have agreed, in principle, to fund the acquisition of a 'Mobile Vehicle-Activated Speed' (MVAS) camera. This can be positioned in any of our villages, and is intended to be moved every three weeks.

The benefits of the MVAS are that it shows the actual speed a driver is travelling, and this tends to have a 'jolting' effect on drivers. It also provides data of all speeds which have been recorded over a period. This can then be used to produce a 'business-case' for a more permanent solution to speeding through our villages.

We would love to hear whether you agree with this vital initiative. If so, could you drop a line to We need peoples' support so we can apply for extra grant-funding to supplement the amount agreed by the Parish Council.

Thank you. Jan 2013

Dog Poo and Other Unpleasant Items

Many residents have raised concerns about the level of dog-poo and other unpleasant items which adorn our paths, verges and green spaces. The problem is such that residents and visitors are thinking twice about walking round our beautiful villages.

We need your help to resolve this problem, as we would love to become 'dog-poo-free' by the end of the year! First of all, could you remind family and friends that poo-bags are available in the library, and that we have many dog-poo bins throughout the parish.

Secondly, if there is a particular hot-spot area, could you let us know by dropping a line to

Thirdly, remember the campaign message: "Bag it. Bin it. Banish it."

Thank you.

Neighbourhood Plan 2013-2015

Help needed in creating a Neighbourhood Plan. If you are interested, please see 'News' Section for more details.